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Welcome to the AB Dental & Medical Testing Centre. You are at this page because you are about to undertake some tests in relation to a job that you are applying for. The tests cover a variety of areas which may include various computer programs, grammatical English, dental charting, and psychometric and personality tests.

How to take the test

You will need to read and complete the Consent Form and submit that before you can start the tests.


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General Information About the Tests

Each test comes with it’s own set of instructions. You start the test only when you are ready to do so.  The tests are both timed and untimed. For those tests that are untimed, we do expect that the tests are completed within a reasonable time frame. We will discuss our expectation with you before you commence.


How the Information is Used

The information we collect is used in addition to other data that AB Dental & Medical and our clients have access to, for example from the interview, resume and references. Information about who has access to the test results is detailed in the Consent Form


Computer & Typing Tests

These tests will determine your competencies using certain programs and your typing speed.  These tests are both time and untimed. The computer tests require that the correct answers be provided.


Dental Charting Test

This test will provide information in relation to your dental charting skills. This test is not timed and requires you to submit the correct answers.


Behaviour and Personality Tests

These tests are designed to understand how someone behaves at work, in teams or with clients. These tests are untimed and non invasive, and there is no right or wrong. The results can provide information about leadership qualities, how you perform under stress and how you may be motivated in the workplace.


Ability Tests

Ability tests indicate your attention to detail, how you may take information on board and your written communication in the workplace.  The tests are timed and require the rights answers to be provided.